what is therapy & how can it help me?

Life can be stressful and complicated. Sometimes life stressors and/or past experiences can create internal turmoil that negatively impacts your personal relationships, work productivity, and play. Psychotherapy can offer an opportunity to talk through these troubling life situations with a trusted and trained professional who can help you learn to manage overwhelming feelings and cope with life in healthier ways.

Coming to therapy is not a weakness. It is a courageous and positive step that can ultimately lead to greater life satisfaction. We believe everyone has the capacity for personal growth and change and therapy can be an enlightening journey to discovering your inner strength and confidence and overcoming life’s obstacles.

As therapists, we offer our clients a comforting and understanding presence as we help them sort through their concerns, find ways to cope, and seek resolution to troubling situations. We believe the therapist-client relationship is based on mutual trust and respect and view it as the catalyst for making your therapy experience a successful one.

We hope we can be a part of your therapy journey. Here is a list of the services we provide and the types of concerns that can be collaboratively addressed in therapy: